The length is not the problem of these films — well, not in itself. It's the absolutely terrible pacing, which makes the whole trilogy feel like it either drags like a glacier or swoops forward like a roller coaster with no middle gear in sight. The extended editions actually feel somewhat better since they pace at… » 12/17/14 5:56am Yesterday 5:56am

Putin already played that card with a questionable success. He managed to negotiate a deal of Russian oil and gas to China at undisclosed price, which almost certainly means way lower margin than they'd get from the West, since unlike most of the Eastern European countries, China has absolutely no problem with its… » 12/16/14 4:06pm Tuesday 4:06pm

None of that is supported by the game, itself. You can give any of the dialogue options to her, including the possibility that she's just an ordinary spirit imitating Justinia, and she always gives the same answer, that if that explanation works for you, just run with it. There is absolutely nothing definitive about… » 12/15/14 4:03pm Monday 4:03pm

There is a simple way to fight unofficial quotas: penalise officers and departments for arrests made on questionable premises by taking any reparations sought by the defendant from their holiday and pension budgets. Give the cops a reason to hate the assholes who make frivolous arrests to make themselves look good by… » 12/12/14 4:44pm 12/12/14 4:44pm

That's because there's more than one. Abraham's God is a tribal deity, basically a bigger chieftain that you can debate and argue with. Moses's God, on the other hand, is this larger than life figure veiled in mystery who can only be communicated with through an elite priesthood. The chances are that Moses and his… » 12/12/14 12:42pm 12/12/14 12:42pm

First of all, you must understand that The Witcher-games are based on a series of fantasy novels extremely popular in Eastern Europe that only began receiving English translations due to the popularity of the games. The first game was aimed almost exclusively to the fans of those books and did very little to explain… » 12/10/14 5:11pm 12/10/14 5:11pm

Alvin is a carrier of the Elder Blood gene, but it only passed on through female bloodline, so in him it simply means magical aptitude and prophetic capabilities. It's hinted pretty heavily that he was taken by the Wild Hunt and came back quickly afterwards, but decades older and quite insane. » 12/10/14 4:58pm 12/10/14 4:58pm