Language is messy and illogical. A word can have more than one meaning. You can tell "literally (a)" from "literally (b)" through context and common sense. Just like you know that saying: "I love you" to your spouse, to your children, to your best buddy or to a random sex partner means quite different things, only… » 3/26/15 2:18pm Yesterday 2:18pm

While The Origin shows promise, at least this first part is at many points annoyingly rushed to get to the interesting stuff. This means that if you're a newbie to the Gundam mythos, you're unlikely to have any idea what's going on. While I get that they were going for telling the story from the perspective of… » 3/26/15 7:01am Yesterday 7:01am

I don't know what you are trying to prove using Old English, a language far newer than Latin and almost entirely unrelated to it; the two languages are in entirely different branches of the Indo-European language family, and most of their shared etymology comes centuries later through French. If you want merit for… » 3/25/15 9:04pm Wednesday 9:04pm

Pretty much. Though I think that Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex caught the spirit of real hacking pretty well with Ishikawa's information retrieval tasks, albeit using a pretty weird periscope chair-setup instead of a normal desktop for that cyberpunk feel. The Major's occasional adventures in a literal… » 3/22/15 11:21am Sunday 11:21am

It explicitly takes place in Überwald, so it definitely is a Discworld book. It's also based on what was originally a minor side joke in Reaper Man, where Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents get mentioned for the first time, though it implies that Maurice was a Pied Piper-pretender, rather than a talking cat. » 3/20/15 7:32am 3/20/15 7:32am

Big things have to move slowly and deliberately because of the square-cube law. If a big creature stumbles, it won't be able to correct its posture before inertia takes hold, and when it falls down it will be damaged far more than a small thing. That's basic physics for you. That's why even human beings who suffer… » 3/19/15 7:35am 3/19/15 7:35am

I wish some party would create a smartwatch that is every way a "normal" watch, except it'd have a small e-ink display on its face, relaying data from your smartphone. Judging from how a Kindle can stay operational for weeks or months without recharging it shouldn't be a too big strain on the watch battery, and it… » 3/19/15 6:12am 3/19/15 6:12am

Some of the embers of the Satanic Panic were still alive in the 1990's when I went to school, and we had to watch a bullshit "documentary" about a totally true story of real life Satanic cults recruiting youths and practicing blood sacrifice. Afterwards I've talked with actual Satanists who went through that period,… » 3/18/15 10:24am 3/18/15 10:24am